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KMS Training

Our company specialises in organisational training markets. We offer over 500 high quality public seminars each year that are up-to-date, performance-focused and delivered by leading industry experts and professional facilitators.

KMS Training leads the way in providing practical and informative training on a wide range of business, commercial and professional topics. We conduct training’s in areas such as; Management and Leadership, Oil and Gas, Finance and Accounting, HR, IT, Project Management, Contract Management plus many more. These are held in many different popular locations around the world. Please review our full schedule of Training Seminars for further details.


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About our Organisation


KMS Training is a service provider and as such, our service is the cornerstone of the business. If the service fails, so does the company – that’s the importance we place upon it. Our customer service strategy is evaluated constantly throughout the year to measure our performance along with the associated performances of venues and instructors.


We ensure that you maximise your return on investment in personal development through the most appropriate methods of training and development, scheduled at venues around the world, at a time that suits your needs. KMS Training puts knowledge to work through an unrivalled network of consultants from all over the world.


* Training to develop expertise * Consultancy to pinpoint areas where training can help * Practical and interactive materials to ensure learning is applied * Accredited training courses of best practice and latest corporate knowledge * One-to-one intensive executive coaching for top management professionals

Our Services

In-House Training

Our In-House training courses can be designed to meet your specific objectives. We can either design a customized training solution for you or you may select any one of our existing 500 public courses to be conducted on an in-house basis, at your company premises or at your chosen venue, at your preferred dates! KMS Training is able to design, develop and execute customised In-house training courses to meet the precise requirements of individual clients. KMS Training is capable of providing specially tailored in-house training courses to our clients. For example we can run all our courses on an in-house basis, saving your time and money. The advantage of in-house training is that the client’s particular business environment or management situation is specifically addressed.

KMS Training

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